Evanne Schmarder

Author of Marketing Your RV Park/Campground Online: Laying the Groundwork -- Strategies and Tactics

Answering the often asked question, “how do I market my park online?” this RV industry-specific book contains 26 meaty chapters (plus a bonus) delivering actionable strategies and tactics for digital marketing success.
Roadabode Productions Digital Marketing for Outdoor Hospitality

a practical handbook to help park owners and operators
maximize their online marketing efforts

Marketing Your RV Park / Campground Online: Strategies and Tactics

Hi, I'm Evanne. Don't we know each other?

Working with park owners and operators just like you, I've been teaching, talking, and writing about digital marketing for outdoor hospitality for more than 20 years. Maybe you are a reader of my monthly Modern Marketing column in Woodall's Campground Management, own a copy of Unconventional Wisdom Works, or have seen my feature stories in RV Business, RV Executive, Huffington Post, and other outlets. Perhaps you've seen me speak at an industry event somewhere across the US or Europe.

Many of my grow-your-park-business projects were firsts among the RV park/campground sector: Digital Marketing Benchmark Study, Digital Marketing Workshop, and the Digital Marketing Bi-Weekly Trend Digest, all under my business' name, Roadabode Productions.

I've been busy. But finally, I've put my mentoring and consulting experience in writing in my most recent book, Marketing Your RV Park / Campground Online: Laying the Groundwork -- Strategies and Tactics. Goal? To make you a better online marketer! Are you game? 


Market Smart Modern Marketer

Groundwork: Strategies and Tactics

Marketing Your RV Park/Campground Online gives anyone responsible for marketing a park the tools they need for developing and managing a successful online marketing program. This book is a boon to novices and experienced park marketers alike. Readers can begin at the beginning if that serves them or pick and choose individual chapters if they have a specific need. Marketing Your RV Park/Campground Online is the perfect companion to a business’ success.

Available as an eBook or paperback.