I think we’d all agree that effective marketing is a key element in any business’ success. Take this quiz and find out what kind of marketer you are.

When I think marketing I think…

a. is my written marketing plan meeting its intended goals?

b. I just placed an ad somewhere, hope it works

c. honey, where’s the grocery shopping list?

My target market is…

a. very clear to me…it’s (boomers, families, snowbirds, etc.)

b. I’m working on it but it’s still a bit of a mystery

c. duh, campers!!

I have my business’ name and contact information on _____ of my printed material/handouts.

a. all

b. some

c. none

I know what my guests want because…

a. I consistently ask them

b. my front desk staff mentions a guest comment from time to time

c. I’ve camped before

When campers hear my business’ name they think…

a. I love that place!

b. hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar

c. who?

My park does not have a website because…

a. what are you kidding, it’s 2016…of course we have a website

b. I’m still looking for just the right designer

c. I’m not a “technical” kind of person


If you scored mostly A’s you are a Marketing Master – keep making marketing magic

If you scored mostly B’s bravo for the effort – you’re Marketing Mojo is burgeoning

If you scored mostly C’s you are a Marketing Novice – time to kick it up a notch


So what is it that smart digital marketers know that perhaps you don’t? Here’s the run down on the “A” list…

Having a written marketing plan helps you design marketing methods that will meet your needs, structures and defines your marketing spend, and allows you to track the effectiveness of your program.

It is critical to target your market in order to funnel your marketing dollars to the proper audience. Marketing without knowing your target is like trying to make a bulls eye blindfolded. Have you ever heard the saying “even a blind pig finds a truffle once in a while”?

Add your business’ name and contact information to each and every piece of material you hand out. It’s tough to say what people keep and pass along. You want to make it as easy as possible for prospects to get in touch with you.

The most successful businesses don’t guess at what their customer’s desire, they survey them. Create (or hire a professional to do so for you) a survey that allows you inside the campers experience. Encourage participation. This is the only real way you’ll have hard sustainable data to understand your guests wants and needs and justify business decisions.

We’ve all heard the term “branding”. Simply put, it’s name recognition that sparks an emotion. Your business’ name should be synonymous with fun, quality, positive memories.

We may not have all the super tech-toys that the TV’s Jetsons had but technology is definitely upon us. In today’s world you must have a web presence. Even if you aren’t ready to offer online reservations, providing basic and useful information 24/7 – is fast becoming a must-offer proposition.

I hope you enjoyed this quick quiz and that it makes you a smarter marketer!



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