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What Clients Are Saying About Roadabode Productions: 

We are humbled and honored to have the opportunity to work with a diverse, committed, driven, professional and loyal group of clients, partners, and industry leaders. Sincere thanks for the very kinds words shared and the valuable relationships we've formed over the many years.   

Evanne has an amazing ability to hone in on any project with a unique, creative perspective and methodically plan every level of the project to perfection. What truly sets her apart is her absolute love of the industry in aggregate; her ubiquitous presence in so many areas testifies to her dedication to promoting, educating, entertaining and informing all involved, from industry executives and decision-makers to the RVing public at large. She is truly a wonder, and it is nothing less than an honor to work with her!"

Randy Hendrickson
President, 1Horizon

Evanne has a deep knowledge of the topics that are the subject of her training programs and of her clients' markets. She articulates complex subjects in a clear and concise way that ensures that her course students gain tangible benefits that will improve their businesses."

David Holland
Principle Strategist, Brighthouse Consultancy

Evanne consistently brings creative, innovative and refreshing marketing topics to the table and has the ability to make even the most complex topic easy to understand. In addition, she's a top-notch professional. Her positive and can-do attitude makes Evanne an exceptionally valuable leader in today’s challenging business environment.”

Ann Emerson
VP, Good Sam Enterprises

Evanne passes the test professionally on all fronts as a punctual, factual, hard working and thoughtful contributor who also has a soft touch with business people in both the RV and campground sectors. And that last point is very important in an industry where personal contacts and relationships count for a lot. She’s also quite skilled in the ways of the Internet, an area in which many of us need help."

Sherman Goldenberg
Publisher, G&G Media

Evanne is an inspiration. Her zeal for business goals stems from a genuine desire to connect with and help others."

Teri Blaschke
Park Owner/Operator